Home mechanics

Home Mechanics, we go wherever you need a diagnosis, Tuning, Oil change and more services that could be whether at your home’s confort, office or anywhere you need it.

■ Diagnostics
Your vehicle is not working well and you don't know what to do?

■ Oil Change
Reduce wear with the best quality oil for your vehicle.

■ Major Tuning
The indispensable maintenance of your car or truck.

Transmission Repair

Don't let inexperienced hands work with the transmission of your car! Computer Transmission Services reminds you that the transmission is the heart of your vehicle with the most sophisticated computerized system available to detect and replace defective electronic parts in your vehicle's electrical transmission system.

At FG TRANSMISSION we are specialists in Automatic Transmissions along with cars services, trucks and SUVs of all brands and models with automatic transmission. Our clients keep attending our service workshop for years due to the quality and value of our work.

Towing Service

We provide the best towing service in Houston, TX. But we also provide an affordable service. Call us at our number for cheap towing service if you need help.

Another point to note is that our company takes into account the hard work that people give to have and maintain their valuable car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, that is why we strive to take care of those beloved vehicles with the greatest care and professionalism that you can expect from our company. If you ask yourself “Where can I get a towing service near me, near my location and open 24 hours?” We are here for you. Feel free to call us at (832) 661 8095 request our crane service for cars and trailers. Our crane or trailer driver will be willing to help you and answer any questions you have about our services.

Other services

  • General mechanics in all types of vehicles
  • Oil changes
  • Electrical system repair